Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cherry Blossom Kids

Cherry Blossom Kids has been founded by a busy Mum of three girls with a shameless passion for creating fashionable, functional and fun clothing for little ladies. Fabrics are hand picked and designs road tested to the limits. The quality of our clothing is exceptional and made to last. At Cherry Blossom Kids we understand the need for clothing to with stand parties, mud pies and infinite washing.

We create exquisite pieces that are sure to make a lasting impression in the memories of your little girl. Each time you purchase from Cherry Blossom Kids you are sure to be receiving items that are wonderfully unique and only made in limited edition quantities.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Need a unique gift idea? Then Letter It (Name Decorative Art) is here to help!

Letter It (Name Decorative Art) is a quality, handmade, modern and uniquely alternative way to personalise names, letters, words and bonbonniere using canvas blocks and photo frames.

Each canvas block or photo frame can be hung horizontally or vertically on a wall or door, placed on a shelf or arranged in any other creative manner. Canvas blocks and photo frames are decorated and personalised as requested using a variety of colours, fabric, lettering styles and themes to suit your needs.


“Personalised name art is a thoughtful and unique gift for all types of occasions... it makes people feel really special because you’ve taken the time to design a gift just for them. With all Letter It (Name Decorative Art) designs, you know you are getting a truly unique and personalised gift, as all of the creations are custom made, specifically designed to suit each individual order. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; just like the person receiving it!” Linda Privitelli, Business Owner, Operator and Designer of Letter It (Name Decorative Art).

Letter It (Name Decorative Art) endeavours to provide you with friendly service and strives to capture the essence of all you wish to personalise!
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sculpture by Teangi

Teangi Chambers has a passion for animals and nature. This shows in her gorgeous metal sculptures which provide something a little bit different to any area. Some of Teangi’s works are bright and whimsical; some show the tortured effects that the Australian climate can impose. In any case Teang’s sculptures always bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Teangi uses sheet steel to create her designs. Each one is individually handcrafted and signed by Teangi. She does not use patterns or templates to create her creatures – each one is ‘genetically’ different just like Mother Nature intended.

All of Teangi’s work is hand crafted. The only electrical tool Teangi uses is a drill. All the bending, folding, cutting and riveting of her work is done by hand. For this reason Teangi’s work takes some time to complete with some sculptures taking days to weeks to complete.

Teangi has recently em-‘barked’ on a unique ‘Sculpt my Pet’ project. Dogs, cats, birds, large, small, pretty and unique, some living, some no longer with their owners.... all very loved, all immortalised in metal.

Each dog sculpture is made from images supplied by the pet owner so that each individual pet’s characteristics and markings can be shown on the sculpture. These sculptures are suitable for indoors or

Teangi resides and creates her work just outside of Sydney although her work is available nationally. Art, especially sculpture, has always been a part of Teangi’s life but recently her metal custom made pets have proven to be very popular and the new, latest ‘must have’ accessory for the animal lover.

You can view more of Teangi’s work at Teangi can be contacted via email
at, phone 0414 393 904 or via her facebook page .

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0414 393 904 or email 
High Resolution Images available on request.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Handmade Cooperative: SHOP | MEET | LOVE | JOIN

We already know that you LOVE hand-made products. But if you want to MEET the talented designers and artisans behind Australia’s most sought-after kids’ brands and to SHOP for the very best in handmade clothing, accessories and d├ęcor for the little people in your life, then you really must visit the Handmade Cooperative – Australian Handmade for Kids. It’s the place to be seen if you dig all things made with love.

And if you’re a handmade business, they’re inviting you to JOIN what is fast becoming Australia’s leading handmade community in 2012. There are limited vacant positions available.  Applications open 1 September 2011. Visit the website for details.