Monday, November 28, 2011

Huckleberry Market

Huckleberry Market is the new kid on the Melbourne market scene, specialising in boutique and hand made items for babies and children!

We began as a one off market to raise funds for a special little girl called Holly, but the response from customers and stallholders was so strong that we just had to keep going!
Our aim is simple Collect the best in boutique and handmade items for babies and children under one roof, have fun doing it and lend a helping hand at the same time.

Our stallholders offer boutique and handcrafted goodies that range from T-shirts to softies, play rugs to beautiful quilts, toys, jewellery, hats and hair accessories; almost anything you can dream of (and even things you didn’t know you wanted). If you’re after something special for your little one chances are you will find at Huckleberry Market.

And the shopping experience is just as much about the kids as it is the adults pushing them around in prams! Every Huckleberry Market will have some form of entertainment for the kids be it a face painting fairy, balloon twisting clown, gardening activities or craft. It’s all about the littlies!

Some of our regular stallholders include: Piccaninny Rugs, Life is like a blanket, tiger baby, baby laila, Me shirts and Jaybee baby. All showcasing such beautiful handmade products.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Badge Bliss

Life takes you on many journeys and some like ours are done on a whim.
We bought a house unexpectedly, sold our home of 23 years and moved a 1000 kilometers away from family and friends all in the space of 2 months - because I wanted to renovate an old weatherboard home. I’ve always enjoyed craft and home decorating.
After 5 years we can’t imagine living anywhere else – we have the home of our dreams.

Taking a giant leap of faith like that has given me the confidence to start another of my dreams – my own business so Badge Bliss was launched earlier this year.
We make handmade fun, cute, sassy and whimsical badges and fridge magnets in 3 sizes.

Inexpensive and collectable our items are suitable for all occasions - birthdays, Easter, Christmas, thank you gifts, wedding bonbomiere, baby showers, supporting a cause, promoting an event or just to add some colour to your life.

With a wide range of readymade items we can also also personalize some of our designs with your name, date, message etc.
But we not only make badges – we also make keyrings, pocket mirrors and bookmarks. Our range of hair clips and pocket watch pendants are exclusive to Badge Bliss.
I love every stage of our business – ordering supplies, sourcing art work, creating our items and changing the look of things to make them indivuial and unique - but my favourite time is gift wrapping orders to send out to our lovely customers.

What can you expect when you shop at Badge Bliss – quality items with excellent service.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handmade Love

Tell us all about handmade love?
Handmade love is a haven for quality Australian handmade. It is a place you will find the most sought after and beautiful handmade items from some of Australia’s most talented and creative artisans. A place where you will find the crème de la crème of Australian handmade.  Our aim is to promote, support and encourage those in the handmade industry to sustain and boost their WAHM business by offering affordable prices for advertising and a cleverly researched market audience. Handmade Love has wonderful capacity to broadcast handmade businesses through our website, blog, advertising, business directory and product reviews – all in the one place.

What inspired you to start handmade love?
Handmade Love was born from my Love of handmade.  Last year I became quite disheartened with mass produced commercial clothing and items for my children and wanted something beautiful and unique for them. Children each have different personalities, their own little style and flair – something discouraged by commercial clothing, the same piece seen over and over again on many. Children are beautiful and expressive and handmade affords a quality unlike any other. I was frustrated with spending so much money on commercial brands that would inevitably fall apart. With this in mind, I began to spend time trawling facebook, etsy and madeit, searching for the perfect handmade items for gorgeous children.
From my initial beginnings, my search then turned to home decor, art and in fact anything handmade – it became quite the obsession! 
After researching for a period of time, I began to purchase some lovely items, building rapport with many WAHM’s, many which have grown into wonderful friendships (which evidently shows how many handmade items I have acquired!). After seeing the incredible quality and love that has gone into these items, I became a HUGE supporter of handmade. I decided to run my thoughts past a few of my favourite handmade ladies, the idea to promote and grow the best of the best handmade all in one spot and, received so much love and encouragement. Its such an honour to be welcomed into the handmade community with open arms.

What are you hoping to achieve with handmade love?
For me, I would LOVE to increase the awareness of how beautiful handmade items are in the general community, on behalf of those who create handmade. My aim is to have people see, much to their surprise that, handmade items are far more superior than commercial items. Each item is made one at a time with love, attention and detail. Many hours go into handmade pieces and, the quality and designs are to a totally different standard than those made in chain stores , there really is no comparison.  I'd also like those who create items in our handmade community to have more belief in themselves. Many feel as though they are constantly having to defend themselves with issues such as pricing - more often than not many hours go into each item and yet items are listed for a price well under what is reasonable. For me, just having the general community be more aware of the handmade industry, the standards and have a greater understanding of these businesses would be an ultimate goal.

Tell us about your handmade showcase?
The handmade showcase, showcasing the beautiful designer fabric “Sophie” by Moda is the first of what we hope will be many more showcases to come . I was honoured to be approached by a group of WAHM’s to hold the showcase as a means to invite the handmade community to Handmade Love and am very grateful for this opportunity. The idea behind the showcase is to promote and showcase the works of all different WAHM's and those involved in handmade industry. By using the same collection of fabrics, it allows us all to see the creativity of each designer. We can see how each designer puts their own inspiration into practice on their items and, opens the door for the general community to find handmade businesses that speak to their style and tastes, that perhaps they have not heard of before. It gives them the opportunity to see first hand their work and the opportunity to purchase something unique that they may never have had before. 
The response to this showcase has been overwhelming. With over 100 entries and many more to come, it has been an amazing success so far. Unfortunately there have been some delays as many ladies purchase their fabrics from the US and the fabric has taken a little while to arrive but, with many more items being emailed daily we expect to have in excess of 100 beautiful items available to showcase. 

Your first handmade showcase has been such a success, do you plan on more down the track?
With the instant success of this showcase, and the wonderful promotion it is creating amongst the handmade community, I plan on hosting 2 showcases in the coming year. There will be a few alterations made to ensure a smooth and more efficient process and, once details are finalised I will most certainly make an announcement on our site.

How are you managing to juggle home/work and your new venture?

Ahhhh the juggle! Well, so far I am living and surviving on very little sleep. I am currently working part time 3 days a week as well. One might say that launching a website and running a showcase within a week of each other is not ideal! The moment I am up I am checking emails and posts on our facebook page before work. I then check emails again on my iPhone during lunch, come home and have another quick check. After the dinner/bath/bedtime routine which is generally anywhere from 6-30 til 1030 (my almost 3 year old thinks sleep is for the weak LOL) I jump on the computer, check messages and update facebook. Most recently my time is taken up replying to emails and loading pictures for the showcase. I like to ensure I have answered all emails and questions before closing off for the evening.
I have found this situation is not ideal so, after the showcase I plan to set some strict work hours and write the majority of my content with scheduled posts. For me, the hardest part is not just working from home but trying to find the balance for my family and my business. I guess for all of us that’s the million dollar question so, if anyone has the answer please feel free to share!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sew Vintage

Sew Vintage came about from my absolute adoration of 1950’s and 60’s children’s fabrics. I love using genuine vintage patterns and I had garnered myself quite a substantial collection of 50’s and 60’s style printed fabrics, such as Michael Miller and Alexander Henry. 
I was using these patterns and fabrics in creations for my other store, Silly Gilly, and customers often commented on how gorgeous the fabrics were. I decided to open an online store which specifically caters to the niche market of lovers of 1950’s and early 1960’s style children’s prints.
I like to stock novelty prints which reflect 50’s style illustrations. My favourite print of all time has to be Michael Miller’s Retro Rocket Rascals. It’s such a happy playful print and can look great as a feature in boys or girls rooms. 
Customers often comment to me that they find it hard to find vintage style prints for boys so I make an effort to stock a good range of boys’ prints, including cowboy themes and vintage forms of transport.
Sew Vintage also stocks a range of genuine vintage sewing patterns dating from the 1950’s through to the late 1970’s. I carry patterns for women, men, children and craft patterns. All patterns are thoroughly checked by me to ensure all pieces are there.

It feels so wonderful to find other lovers of vintage style fabrics out there that share my passion for gorgeous, cute, and quirky designs. I’m always adding new prints to the store and welcome requests for specific prints or custom orders. 

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Geek Chic

Ever asked  “What should I get my Dad for Christmas?”

The answer is Geek Chic.

We specialise in amazing, unique and functional products handmade from up-cycled computer components.  

Geek Chic was born a few months ago when I decided to pull apart a friends old computer and see what I could make from the components. Armed with my husband’s cordless drill and a new metal drill bit, I made my first clock from a floppy disc drive. Inspired by this creation, I have made many different items including keychains, wall mounted clocks, novelty wall hangings, coasters and I even have a pendulum clock design in the pipeline. We now also have a small range of printed products including  coffee mugs , t-shirts, pyjamas, baby jumpsuits and a maternity shirt available for purchase through our Cafepress shop.

These interesting and unique products are handmade using parts from computer towers, keyboards, computer mice, scanners, mobile phones, VCRs and more! All products come with an information card stating what the product is made from and when the components were approximately made to give a little history to the item and can become a talking point for years to come.

We have just launched our shop, so go and have a browse and find a perfect gift for your own Geek!

Where to find Geek Chic:
Stockists: Colthup Boutique Arcade – 181 Brisbane Street, Ipswich, Qld 4305

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's time to spread the hand-made love!

Up for grabs we have a $50 Spotlight voucher!

And its very easy to win....

All you need to do is send us an email at with the subject line of:
Hand-Made Giveaway and your in the draw! The winning entry will be picked using the random number generator.

Competition closes midnight AEDT Friday 11th Novemember 2011.

The winner will be announced via email Saturday 12th Nov

Its that easy! :D

Friday, November 4, 2011

Little Olly

Like so many mums out there, I started doing a lot of sewing when my little boy was a baby. I have always had a love for crafts and have given most of them a try. I adore making patchwork quilts, and used to make and sell them in my "bricks and mortar" gift shop many years ago.

However when my baby came along, as a single mum I found that there was nowhere near enough time to be making quilts! I started to experiment with some quick projects like clothes & bibs, and found a lot of satisfaction in being able to whip up something in half an hour.

As a baby, my boy has had problems with eczema and allergies, and because of this I started to sew for him using a lot of natural fabrics. Bamboo is my absolute favourite - it is incredibly soft, has natural anti-bacterial qualities, and keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. And did I mention how soft it is?....

I have also started making some "niche" products like the Epipen pouch that I have recently designed. More and more kids these days are being diagnosed with anaphylaxis (my son being one of them) and have to carry an Epipen. I have designed some little carry cases that will easily slip into your handbag or the kids schoolbag without being too intrusive. 

Finally you will always find a focus on "boys stuff" in my store! There are so many beautiful hand made products for girls out there that I think the boys do miss out a bit, however there are more and more great fabrics appearing for boys and I will be using a lot of these in a range of boys pyjamas that will be out before Christmas. Stay tuned!

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