Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Carolinas Creations

What do you love about running your own hand-made business?
I am my own boss and that certainly makes life easier. I am a WAHM with 2 young boys so the flexibility to work my own hours is a must. You know when you buy handmade that you are buying something that someone has but their heart and soul into creating, that makes it extra special.

What is your favourite product to make?
I love all things lace. My Mum being from Nottingham and having visited there myself back in 1998, I fell in love with the stunning and beautiful handmade Nottingham Lace, it is just divine. So creating Carolina's Free Standing Lace Bookmarks and Coasters is a passion. I also love creating original pieces of handmade artwork, so Carolina's 'Sew My Memories' is a close second.

How did you learn your craft?
My Mum use to be a seamstress when she worked as a young girl in Nottingham England before she came to Australia, so I learnt from her at an early age to do basic sewing and mending. I have always been creative and built my knowledge and skills as I grew up. Being a WAHM was a great option for me with the 2 children and this is something I love to do, so it's a hobby as well as a job.

What handy hints do you have for people who are starting up a hand-made business?
Be patient. Just like anything, it takes time and experience to succeed. Network with other businesses, get ideas, listen to suggestions and be perseverant and enjoy.

What plans do you have for your business in the next year?
To grow and develop new products. I love to create so coming up with original designs is high on the list.

Whats one thing you cannot live without in your hand-made biz?
My Scissors, all 12 pairs LOL :)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY Light Tent

Building your own light tent
(1) What you need
- a cardbaord box larger than 30cm in size (square is better)
- white tissue paper
- tape
- pencil/pen and ruler
- knife or scissors
- large sheet of white cardboard

(2) On the top of the box, use your ruler and pen to mark a line approx 1inch from the side of the box and cut this out.

(3) repeat this for two of the sides so all together you have 3 sides removed. Also remove any top 'flaps'

(4) Get one sheet of tissue paper and sticky tape it as tight as possible (without ripping) across the opening you have made it in the roof of the box. Trim off any excess

(5) Repeat this for the other 2 sides.

(6) Take your peice of cardboard and lay it across the opening of the box (touching the side of the box) so you can figure out how wide your cardboard needs to be and put a line. Measure this and cut your cardboard to size. Sticky tape the top of the cardboard to the top back corner of your box. Now you have a continuous background!

Grab some nice white lamps and your ready to have a go!