Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY Light Tent

Building your own light tent
(1) What you need
- a cardbaord box larger than 30cm in size (square is better)
- white tissue paper
- tape
- pencil/pen and ruler
- knife or scissors
- large sheet of white cardboard

(2) On the top of the box, use your ruler and pen to mark a line approx 1inch from the side of the box and cut this out.

(3) repeat this for two of the sides so all together you have 3 sides removed. Also remove any top 'flaps'

(4) Get one sheet of tissue paper and sticky tape it as tight as possible (without ripping) across the opening you have made it in the roof of the box. Trim off any excess

(5) Repeat this for the other 2 sides.

(6) Take your peice of cardboard and lay it across the opening of the box (touching the side of the box) so you can figure out how wide your cardboard needs to be and put a line. Measure this and cut your cardboard to size. Sticky tape the top of the cardboard to the top back corner of your box. Now you have a continuous background!

Grab some nice white lamps and your ready to have a go!

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  1. Wow, this is inspired - we use a photography tent and it is a real hassle for storage - this is totally in keeping with our handmade philosophy though.