Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dichroic Creations

What inspired you to start your business?
My business actually started off as a hobby after my third child was born, I had bought a dichroic glass pendant and had fell in love with the magic of the glass and was determine to learn. As time went on and my little one started Kindy I would have two full days to do my creating and now the past two years since he started school I have been creating five days a week...and that's how my business got started. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love whilst I can still be there for my kids.

What is your handmade business all about?
 I create unique dichroic glass jewellery which is fused in a kiln up to 7 hours a firing and some pendants are fired up to 5 times to complete. About dichroic glass:
It is pronounced dye-crow-i, and the name comes from the Greek language for two colours -Di means two and Chroic means colour.

NASA developed dichroic glass for use in satellite mirrors. It has a reflected and transmitted colour, so, as you look at it, the colours seem to change. This is why it is so difficult to truly capture it's full beauty with a single photograph. The effect is stunning and dichroic glass jewellery is possibly the most wonderful fused glass you will ever see - so full of light and colour.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

 I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to work from home, being able to work around my children has always been important to me, never to miss a sporting event or book character parade etc. I love what I do with such a passion and there is no nicer feeling knowing lots of people from around the world are wearing my creations.


What is your favourite product to make? 
Defiantly my Picasso Style dichroic Pendants, they are quite different and unique. These dichroic pendants are not full fused or capped with a clear glass making the colours more vibrant and the texture gives them real character.....Wearable Art :)

How did you learn your craft? 
I had a two hour lesson on basic fusing and one lesson on grinding and from there I am self taught. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to creating and I have learnt my own techniques from trial and error over the past 5 1/2 years.

What handy hints do you have for people who are starting up a hand-made business? 
I think commitment is very important, keep routine and hours that you intent to work during each week. I commit myself from 9:00am to 1:00pm Monday to Friday and any extra time I can fit in is a bonus. I strive to list new items each week which keeps customers popping by to check ...so regular listings I recommend.

What plans do you have for your business in the next year?
I plan to keep doing what I love creating...Dichroic Creations will only ever be just one employee ME so it can only grow as big as the work load I can keep up with.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

First Birthday Celebration Winners.....

 A great big thank you to everyone for celebrating our first birthday with us :)


Carmen Jordan - beaded necklace by Frosted Candy

Sarah Eather - One custom A4 Babushka print designed in the colours of your choice and adorned with quality embellishments By smudge designs

Jordana Ferrara - 20% off voucher by Jacsprat Creations

Cassie Mackinnon - One custom cuff bangle or skinny 3 set of bangles (excluding flower bangles) By Frosted Candy

Nicole Neale - Classic MJ handmade baby shoes in Pink Team Blossom in size 9-12 mths with non-slip sole by Two Little Monkeys

Amy Wyhoon -  Beautiful pastel coloured pendant, measuring 2.3cms x 5.7cms. Made using resin set on glass with silver-tone wire wrapped around it to attach to a 43cms silver-tone chain from Neck Art

Tennille Koelma - 20% Off Voucher from Said the Ladybird to the Turtle

Michelle Louwrens - 20% Off a custom taggie block and triangle set - Made by Me With Two Little Peas