Thursday, August 25, 2011

King Billy ~ A little bit of everything!

King Billy has been officially 'online' for 3 months now! We are excited to be growing and developing all the time. At the moment we offer a huge range of handmade goods - from tie dyed items, to home wares, to gorgeous kids clothes, quilts, and kids toys! 
King Billy also stocks a full range of MarkArt - fabulous art by a talented Aussie artist. Check out the unique name signs (great presents) and awesome lino prints! 
We have so many exciting items 'coming soon' so 'like' us now and don't miss out! Have a look through the photo's on our Facebook page for our full range!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing You, Me and Three Designs

I am a SAHM to 3 amazing and beautiful children. I learnt to sew years ago but, have only just rekindle my passion since having my daughter 3.5 years ago. I handmake dresses, skirts, matching ruffled nappy covers and lots more. I love making and creating something special for babies and the
amazing people they grow into. 


Business name: You, Me & Three Designs
Facebook page

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stop the presses... We have news!

After many moons, and much work, we are super-duper excited to announce that the brand new website will be going live next week! Yes, we tend to break out into spontaneous dancing, around the office desks, quite a bit at the moment. I am happy to report that we won't be videoing this.

So what is I'm glad you asked... ;D
The website has been created, from the ground up, to be a place for hand-makers to promote/ sell their wonderful works on; for people who love to buy quality items off and for people who just want to find out more about hand-made to be able to go to and learn. We are aiming to achieve this last goal by including a forum in the overall 'site experience'. It is on this forum that we are hoping a great community of like minded people will grow and flourish... something that will be a thrill to be a part of.

We are currently running a competition, via our facebook page, regarding the day that the website will 'officially' be launched and you can start to join up. So head over to fb and let us know which day you think is the best for us to launch and why you think this day is the one - the person with the best reason (funny, serious, rhyming, topical, other) will win three free months of a Premium Shop - this competition is only open to Australian hand-makers and only until midnight tomorrow (Saturday the 13th). We hope you have some fun thinking up a reason and we look forward to reading them all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Invite Livbella Harmony Products-Feng Shui Aromatics into your home or office

Livbella Harmony Products are designed with the knowledge and experience of Feng Shui and Aromatherapy.

The Chinese believed dating as far back as 2700BC that Aromatherapy combined with Feng Shui could bring good health, balance, and prosperity into ones life.

*Livbella Harmony Products* are natural (essential oil) Feng Shui blends created to help clear and encourage the positive flow of Qi (energy) within our living and working environments.

*What do you desire to create in your life?

    - Space Clearing - Balance
    - Air Fresh - Uplifting
    - Emotions - Love
    - Remedy - Inner Health
    - Freedom - Inner Peace
    - Abundance - Wealth
    - Receive - Flowing

  Livbella Harmony Products aromas are available in:

    - Harmony Mist Sprays for the home or body mist
    - Harmony Body - natural perfume
    - Harmony Soy Wax for Oil Burners
    - Harmony Candles - natural coconut and olive oil waxes

Livbella Harmony Products are genuinely hand made from the heart with the pureness of natural ingredients.

*Contact us for more information on our  monthly Feng Shui/Space Clearing  Workshops and or Party Plan on 0423 814  163

*Visit our website: or*