Thursday, August 4, 2011

Invite Livbella Harmony Products-Feng Shui Aromatics into your home or office

Livbella Harmony Products are designed with the knowledge and experience of Feng Shui and Aromatherapy.

The Chinese believed dating as far back as 2700BC that Aromatherapy combined with Feng Shui could bring good health, balance, and prosperity into ones life.

*Livbella Harmony Products* are natural (essential oil) Feng Shui blends created to help clear and encourage the positive flow of Qi (energy) within our living and working environments.

*What do you desire to create in your life?

    - Space Clearing - Balance
    - Air Fresh - Uplifting
    - Emotions - Love
    - Remedy - Inner Health
    - Freedom - Inner Peace
    - Abundance - Wealth
    - Receive - Flowing

  Livbella Harmony Products aromas are available in:

    - Harmony Mist Sprays for the home or body mist
    - Harmony Body - natural perfume
    - Harmony Soy Wax for Oil Burners
    - Harmony Candles - natural coconut and olive oil waxes

Livbella Harmony Products are genuinely hand made from the heart with the pureness of natural ingredients.

*Contact us for more information on our  monthly Feng Shui/Space Clearing  Workshops and or Party Plan on 0423 814  163

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