Thursday, August 9, 2012

Q & A with Jacara from Jacsprat Creations

What inspired you to start your business? 

I have always been a busy person and had a lot of trouble sitting still and doing nothing ( yes im getting fidgety sitting here writing hehe ), my mind goes at a million miles an hour. Always extremely independant with a CAN DO attitude. That was up until 2010 when a not so nice workplace scenario and a health scare ( lumps in my breasts, EEK!) developed into me suffering from anxiety and panic disorder. Now I had heard about these things before, but never given it a second thought. I was like 'pfft! Im too strong for anything like that to effect me!' WRONG! All the years of being strong for everyone else had finally taken thier toll on me. I was rendered to being housebound. Now you might be thinking 'why on earth is she yabbering on telling me all of this?' Simple........Thats the reason I finally got to put my dream of crafting all day every day into action. I would have kept on working...kept on telling everyone that was going to sew my heart out 'when I retired', and kept on putting all my hopes and dreams on the backburner.

What is your handmade business all about?
Creating unique items for children that will become heirlooms.

What do you enjoy most about your business?
 Mostly I love to see people loving something that I have made with my own two hands. I dream that these things will be pulled out of the cupboard in the future by someone, to show thier children what was thiers when they were little, and for all the memories associated with that item to come flooding back like it was yesterday.

What is your favourite product to make? 
I honestly don't have one! I love everything I make and find that week by week my favourite will be whatever i am working at that particular moment.

How did you learn your craft? 
I grew up watching my mum do all of her mending by hand and my grandmother taught sunday school so she was always doing something crafty at the kitchen table. She was also a knitter and made the most beautiful cards from pressed flowers from her garden which she sold.I did basic sewing in year 7 at high school like eveyone but found it boring and too constrictive so I am self taught from books and magazines.

What handy hints do you have for people who are starting up a hand-made business? 
Perseverance is the key. If it is your dream...dont give up things will eventually happen. Most importantly.......dont listen to negative or nasty people! Print out the lovely emails or just your favourite bits and make a big inspiration board.

What plans do you have for your business in the next year?
I have lots of things in development! New dollies and more vintage inspired clothing just to share a few.....I cant tell you all of my secrets!

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