Friday, July 22, 2011

Yanna’s Designs – resin jewellery and homewares

My name is Yanna Henry and I created Yanna’s Designs in November 2010. It was my love of resin that inspired me to learn how to work with it and then create my own jewellery and homewares. At first I started making pieces for myself and from there through friends wanting me to make pieces for them I started selling at local markets and online. The colours I use are vibrant and fresh representing what I believe to be many of the breathtaking colours that surround me in the unique landscape of the Pilbara region located in Western Australia. The jewellery has been set in commercial and my own handmade moulds and as for my homewares (which is new and exciting for me) they are made from moulds that I have designed.

Being so new to the art of making resin pieces, I still get a real kick out of producing and designing a piece that takes my breath away with its colour and texture and having the opportunity to do something that I love doing which is creative gives me so much satisfaction.

Please feel free to visit my website or and I hope you will enjoy my works as much as I enjoyed and loved making them!!

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