Friday, January 13, 2012

Playtime for kids

Hi, my name is Sharon and I am the founder of Playtime for kids.

After years of knitting for my children, family and friends, etc, I was encouraged to put together a collection of my favourite patterns and colours to start my own online shop.

My collection is full of bright, bold and colourful hand knitted garments,  nothing stimulates babies awareness like colour.

Hand knitted in 100% Australian Pure Wools including Merino/Silk and Cashmere blends for extra warmth and softness. These days most Australian Wools have been processed to be machine washable. (so no more time consuming hand wash)

My local wool shop process their own brand 'Adorn' which is a beautiful, soft blend of merino and silk DK and has quickly become my favourite wool to use.

I have been selling at specialized Craft Markets for 18 years and am a regular stall holder at the Hawthorn Craft Market, Mathilda's, Yarraville and hopefully with be a regular at Huckleberry Market.  Why not drop in and have a chat and check out my goodies.

Visit Playtime for kids on Hand-Made


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