Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Intorducing Annie’s Lane Couture

What inspired you to start your business?
Having 2 autistic little girls who I couldn’t find the ‘right’ things for with their sensory needs inspired me to start Annie’s Lane Couture.

What is your handmade business all about?
I make Weighted Soft Toys. They’re used in conjunction with other therapies by children with special needs. They help them calm & then they’re able to concentrate on things & enjoy family time & other activities as they’re not fidgeting or shuffling around constantly. Imagine having a heavy blanket on your lap (or pet).
I also make Sensory Drawstring Backpacks (reversible) for special needs children to keep their needed items in.

What do you enjoy most about your business?
It allows me to do something productive & help other families with making a connection with their child. The feedback from a parent that their child was able to watch a TV program or laughed with them for the first time after getting a weighted soft toy is the most rewarding feeling you can get as a hand-made person.

What is your favourite product to make?
My Weighted Soft Toys. They bring such a terrific feeling to me when they’re completed.


How did you learn your craft?
I’m self taught after my Mother-In-Law gave me her old sewing machine & deciding I can do this, persevered until I could.

What handy hints do you have for people who are starting up a hand-made business?
Don’t give up, choose your target audience & make something that you know you enjoy making that
doesn’t feel like a chore to make & brings enjoyment to the end buyer.

What plans do you have for your business in the next year?
To actually roll back to just my Weighted Soft Toys & occasionally making a limited run of bags. The Weighted Soft Toys bring me much more reward & therefore I feel need more attention.

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  1. What an amazing concept and her work is just beautiful. Keep going girl! :)