Monday, September 22, 2014

Featured Seller :: Radge Design

Radge Design®
graphic design : art : jewellery : quirky eye-catching design

I'm Louise (aka Radge) mother to two little monsters who keep me on my toes. I am passionate about art, design and all things creative. I enjoy thinking outside the square and pushing the boundaries with my designs, I have a Diploma in Commercial Arts (Graphic Design).

Graphic Design : I love logo design, working on branding for small business and illustrating. I incorporate hand drawn elements into logos where possible to ensure they are truly unique and representative of your business.

Jewellery : Creating statement pieces of handmade silver jewellery to be worn, loved and shown off every day is what I love doing, ‘no two pieces are the same’ as all pieces are handmade by myself, all wire used is 100% recycled Sterling Silver. Designs can be based on the same idea but no two will be identical as the wire has a mind of its own. Polymer clay creations are all hand blended and rolled, in batches that are all limited editions so although similar each bead has its own character they vary slightly in size/shape.

Artwork : Drawing, painting and printing when I get the time is yet another way that I express myself, I love organic forms and an inspired by the works of the impressionists and surrealists although I feel I have my own style.

Favourite materials
I love working with sterling silver wire, it has a mind of its own and beautiful beads in my jewellery creations, drawing, painting and printing are my favorite art mediums with pencils, pastels and acrylics most commonly used. 

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