Thursday, June 9, 2011

Presenting Cheeky Pickle....

a collection of original, handmade sewn paper designs for children’s bedrooms and around the home. Other paper goods include an ever expanding range of stunning stitched greetings cards, gift tags and paper bunting.

You can buy Cheeky Pickle designs in boutique shops around Australia, or online at Facebook, or directly through my website

Simple, fresh, stunning.......and a little bit cheeky

“....just pop me in front of a sewing machine with a strong coffee, some chocolate, a pile of patterned papers, and this is where you will always find me at my most happiest.....”

Previously a designer from the U.K and with a BA (hons) in Mixed Media Textile Design, I have an established background in the Textile industry and love mixing simple, bold designs with an eclectic mix of mediums. Creating unique and texturally exciting Art pieces.

I travelled a lot in my early days, but (rather reluctantly) laid down my walking boots six years ago, got married, had two lovely children and finally settled in Melbourne, a city I love.

Having taken a break from doing anything creative for a few years and whilst living in a cloud of pink fairy dust (I have two girls) it was obvious to me that I should now be designing for children.

With an ever increasing passion for all things paper, I started to dabble with different techniques. Initially, I started with canvas and paint and other mixed mediums, but nothing felt “quite right”. So one day, I pulled out my old trusty sewing machine and as soon as I heard that thud, thud, thud of the needle piercing through paper, it felt like I’d finally come home. This was the day I launched Cheeky Pickle and I haven’t looked back since.

Over the years as my business has developed, so too have my designs. Now you can find a homewares collection and an ever expanding and very popular range of stitched greetings cards and gift tags. Paper Bunting is also a brand new and exciting addition to my range, which I can’t wait to get working on.......

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