Thursday, June 2, 2011

All about Mellebug and me.....

Mellebug came about with the birth of my first, Amelia nearing on 5 years ago. What started off making little things for her, myself, friends and family has turned into a little bit of heaven doing what I love combined with raising my two beautiful children. I began with my little blog, sharing my passion with my weekly ramblings and making free tutorials that I put onto pdf so as to share with the world. As my wee ones grew I found more opportunity to sew, along with designing and making products that had not yet made it onto the handmade circuit. What ensued was the my introduction to facebook (ohmeohmy what a world).

I make a couple of different things from Reversible and adjusable childrens hats, to dragon and dinosaur costumes to lupin heatpacks called Boo Bears. With impending winter approaching us my Boo Bears are just perfect to snuggle up to keep warm at night or to help soothe a sore tummy. Children (and adults) are falling in love with the uniqueness and practicality of these cuties.The Boo Bears are made using 100% Aussie Lupins that are that much better than conventional wheat. They retain the heat longer, lighter in weight, can be used as a cold pack, less susceptible to moisture damage and low allergenic.

My hats not only have the added bonus of being reversible but it can also grown with your childs head, getting many years of wear. As for the costumes they are custom made to your colour choice and are just that little bit different and cute, perfect for parties or just to roar around the house with.

My little business is built around my family, the joy of creating and the lovers of Mellebug wares. It has opened so many doors and new friends that I am so grateful to all that had faith in me and Mellebug.

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