Friday, May 27, 2011

Enoch and Plonk

Hi, I’m Nicola, a stay at home mum to Finn 7 and Ella 4. After posting things I was making on my personal facebook page and it was suggested, by friends and family, that I could sell them on-line. Up until then I was making and creating for my kids and myself. I had quit teaching art and design after having Finn and had been in a bit of creative coma since his birth. As most of you mums will know once your little one knows you are good at making stuff you have an endless list of stuff he/she wants, cakes, cookies, rice bubble thingys etc. For me I spent most of the time with glue gun in hand making a bus, train or even a hostess trolley out of cardboard boxes.

Enoch and Plonk started in November 2010 creating one-of-a-kind hand crafted appliquéd tees for kids. Each one is unique in as much as once the design was used it was not be used again. This allows customers to purchase a piece of artwork which they can be sure no one else will have. I spend a great deal of time working on each design and create the appliqué with great attention to detail. Detailing is my thing....I had once spent hours making a bus out of cardboard for Finn with upholstered seating on two decks!
Of course anyone who is creative likes to experiment, challenge themselves and develop new ideas and so has Enoch and Plonk. I have just started making quirky, fun dresses created using new plain and printed tees/stretch tops, which I repurpose, upcycle and redo. In true Enoch and Plonk fashion each is unique....
Enoch and Plonk has a business page on facebook, a blog and shop and ‘bigcartel’. I would love you to visit .

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