Monday, May 9, 2011


A great big welcome to everyone, to the Hand-Made blog.

We have started this blog in order to strengthen our connection to the handmade community. As some of you know we are currently running a hand-made facebook page and we would love for you to join us there as well. To do so, please follow this link.

The content of our blog will predominatly be supplied by the handmade community. We will be featuring different handmade stores, products, events, spotlights, markets and so the list goes on.

****It is 100% FREE**** thats right... it will cost you zip, zero, ziltch to be featured on our blog. So how do you get on here? Well that is simple...Click on the "Contact" Tab in the menu (last item on the right) and send us an email which includes the details required for us to be able to represent you correctly - the information we need is also listed on the contact page. Dont forget a picture as well.

We are also in the process of creating a detailed list of markets throughout Australia. Im sure everyone will agree with me when I say this is no small undertaking and we have no doubt it will be a 'work in progress' for some time! So please email us if there are any markets that have been missed and help us to create a complete list of Markets Australia wide that will be of interest to you.

We hope everyone enjoys our hand-made blog just as much as we enjoy purusing everyone's wonderful handmade items... so many great things to look at, so little time to do it. :)


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