Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bridal Bling

Some have said that I must be a little insane…. As I just love brides & anything to do with weddings (even had 2 of my own!!) I think I love the thrill, and the excitement of being apart of someone’s special day, all the little girly bling bits that add to making the day extra special.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that my part of this special “I DO” Day will be remembered forever for the Bride & her Groom (or in my case until the next one!)

For the last 8 years, my ‘full time’ job has been working 1 or 2 days a week doing Brides hair & makeup….I’m a Bridal Stylist… and I’m extremely good at it! I notice details, I notice the special little bits that others miss and I make sure that the day is all about the Bride!! Plus I’m great with hair & makeup!! 

Over the years I have enjoyed giving my Brides a little special gift, I never realised that this would somehow turned into me having 2 full time jobs…... I now also make Bridal Bling for Brides.  I hand make Personalised Coat Hangers, Memory Charms for bridal bouquets, as well as offering brides “I DO” shoe stickers & Iron on Rhinestone Bling transfers for Brides…. All the special little bits that make great photo opportunities which in turn becomes wonderful memories. 

Even though I now have 2 full time jobs, and I’m even busier than I’d imagine… It’s ok, I’m enjoying being apart of so many Brides Special day…. Plus I am still able to be extremely flexible with my hours and as my children are now teens they are less demanding on my time (in theory).  I love receiving photos & letters from past “bling” Brides and now I’m not only WOWing the local Brides with hair & makeup… I’m WOWing Brides all around Australia & Overseas with BRIDAL BLING too! 

If you want to be “Blinged” or know someone who needs a little Bridal Bling….then call me (figure of speech as I know most of you will email!) but until then take care….

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