Friday, March 2, 2012

Hooked on Names

We are a local small family business that handmakes personalised keyrings and bag tags called Hooked on Names. Our business was born, when our daughter was after her name on a bag tag, that looked pretty and was in her favorite colours. Over the years we have developed a great fundraising package for any school, preschool, sports group or club that is fun and easy for to run, allowing ordering via both actual order forms and online ordering. Our online store went live twelve months ago, allowing us to ship orders all around Australia.  Now with three children, we love to share our products with people at markets all over Victoria, and enjoy meeting children that have them on their bags, and hearing their stories about why they love their Hooked on Names keyring.

With our keyrings, we offer letters and numbers, which is great for those in a sports team! To make each keyring more unique, you can add your favorite colours, (choosing from over thirty different ones) and one of our specialty beads, either a heart, butterfly or one of our sports beads. The keyrings come ready made or in a kit form, for the crafty kids!

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